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  Agribusiness Management; Farm Planning;  

   Marketing and Business Management
Agricultural mechanics

 Ag Mechanics lab; Carpentry & Construction; Electricity; 

  Machinery; Small Engines; Surveying; Tractors & large

  engines; Welding & Metalwork

  Forestry; Grain Production; Pesticides; Soils; Soybeans;

  Weeds; Miscellaneous
Animal sciences

  Breeding & Selection; Feeds & Feeding; Horses; Meats;

  Sheep; Small Animals & Companion Animals;


  Floriculture; Fruits; Landscaping & Landscape Materials;

  Turfgrass; Vegetables; Miscellaneous

Instructional kits

  mAGic Kits; Horticulture Kits; Agrilearning Kits

  FFA, SOEP, Record Books; Judging Materials; Natural


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