Plasma Cutters

plasma cutters





Plasma cutters are very useful tools for a wide range of metal cutting. They are frequently used for manufacturing and repair of agricultural equipment.

Illustrated throughout with photos and line drawings, this publication provides a detailed introduction to the use of plasma cutters.

Topics include:

  • What is plasma?
  • What is plasma cutting?
  • Plasma cutter operation
  • Advantages of plasma cutting
  • Plasma safety
  • How to use a plasma cutter
  • How to select a plasma cutter

Plasma Cutters is an ideal resource for ag mechanics classrooms, and for anyone else who needs a basic understanding of plasma cutting and how to operate a plasma cutter.

Also sold in bundles of 10.

U3080 Plasma Cutters, $3.50

SETU3080 Plasma Cutters (set of 10), $32.00


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