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MDS340 Hand Tool Identification is an onscreen instructional resource that provides digital images for approximately 300 hand tools. The tools are divided into 18 categories and the presentations have been developed using Microsoft PowerPoint and should run well on PCs or Macs. The hand tool categories include Clamps, Cutting and Scraping Tools, Drilling and Boring Tools, Files, Hammers and Striking Tools, Leveling Tools, Measuring Tools, Miscellaneous Tools, Planes, Pliers, Pry Bars, Punches and Chisels, Saws, Screwdrivers, Small Gas Engine Tools, Squares, Threading Tools, Wrenches, and a single set containing all of the tools in a single presentation. The presentation includes a set of images with names, a practice set that includes only the image, a set of images with a description that includes use, size and maintenance, and the final set of presentations includes an interactive quizzing session which allows the user to identify a predetermined hand tool among three choices. Also on the CD-ROM are quizzes and keys for each hand tool category.

The resource contains images of hand tools with names, images of hand tools without names, a collection of 18 interactive onscreen quizzes, printed quizzes and keys. Quizzing pages and keys are included on the CD-ROM and have a feature to facilitate printing. The CD-ROM is designed with a master navigation slide to facilitate navigation and simplify the procedure for selecting the file to view. In total, this CD-ROM contains over 2,100 slides.

MDS340-10 Hand Tool Identification Quiz Pack is a collection of quizzes from the MDS340 CD-ROM. This product is packaged as 10 CD-ROMs and is designed to be distributed to students as they review hand tool identification at individual work stations in a school computer lab, classroom computer, or on home and laptop computers. The quiz packs are ideal for students who need review sessions that provide immediate feedback and who are preparing to participate in Career Development Events.

Presentations on the MDS340-10 CD-ROM include images of tools without names and interactive quizzes. There are over 1,070 frames of PowerPoint on this CD-ROM. A Master Navigation file is provided to view the many files on the Quiz Pack.

MDS340 Hand Tool Identification CD-ROM, $99.00

MDS340-10 Hand Tool Identification Quiz Pack (10 CD-ROMs), $200.00

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