Dairy Cattle Resources CD-ROM





This instructional resource is a comprehensive training tool to prepare students for skillathon activities related to dairy cattle. It includes six training sessions commonly found when testing student skills in the dairy industry. The six sessions include:

• Dairy Breeds

• Cow Health

• Dairy Herd Information (DHI)

• Digestion

• Feedstuffs and Nutrition

• Parts of the Cow

Included with this resource are student handouts for each training session, as well as quizzes and keys to evaluate skill level. Also included are worksheets such as sample DHI Reports, parts-of-the-cow diagrams and other materials to create your own quizzing tools.

The training sessions are created in PowerPoint for easy classroom presentation and accompanying materials are easy-to-print PDF files. In total over 200 slides and 50 pages of supporting materials are provided with this resource.

MDS255 Dairy Cattle Resources


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