CDE Judging Cards – Free Downloads

J181 – Meat Identification Card

J690 – Identification Ring

J999.100 – General Placing Card

J999.101 – Production Ring

J999.102 – Female Selection Class

J999.103 – Beef Cattle Grading Card (Slaughter Cattle)

J999.104 – Swine Grading

J999.105 – Beef Carcass Quality Grading Card

J999.106 – Beef Carcass Yield Grading Card

J999.107 – Crop Seed Identification

J999.108 – Weed Identification

J999.109 – Dressed Market Bird Grading

J999.110 – Egg Grading Card, Individual Shell Eggs – Exterior Quality

J999.111 – Egg Grading Card, Individual Shell Eggs – Interior Quality

J999.113 – Scoring and Criticizing Milk Samples

J999.114 – Scoring and Criticizing Milker Unit Heads

J999.115 – Identification of Cheeses

J999.117 – California Mastitis Test (CMT)

J999.118 – Real versus Artificial Dairy Foods/Products

J999.119 – Sediment Disc Samples

J999.127 – Pedigree Ring

J999.128 – Livestock Questions

J999.129 – Dairy Foods Exam

J999.130 – Breaded Chicken Patties