Introduction to Surveying

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This CD is designed to introduce the skills used in surveying.  The materials are divided into land measurement and instrument surveying.  Each category contains several PowerPoint presentations focusing upon skills and accepted practices. 

The land measurement presentations include:

  • Introduction to Taping
  • Procedure for Taping
  • Angles and Perpendiculars
  • Measuring Area

The instrument surveying presentations are:

  • Calculations and Formulas
  • Hand Levels
  • Field Notebook Entries
  • Reading the Target Rod
  • Setting Up the Instrument

Additionally, the CD-ROM contains 15 practice problems, 5 tests, set of keys for all, a printable set of tables, and a blank field notebook page. 

This is an excellent resource for introducing students to the skills and knowledge used by surveyors.  The CD-ROM is a complete resource for teaching surveying. 

DT310 Introduction to Surveying, $99.00


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