Creating Habitats and Homes for Illinois Wildlife






What is your interest in wildlife?  Do you feed, watch, or photograph birds?  Do you hunt deer, mallards, or pheasants?  Maybe you like listening to frogs in the spring.  Or perhaps you just admire the beauty of the natural world.

Creating Habitats and Homes for Illinois Wildlife will instruct and encourage you to enjoy and conserve the rich wildlife legacy around you.  It will give you the know-how and the confidence to plan projects that provide habitats and homes for wildlife and to sustain your work once it’s complete.  In clear, concise words and stunning imagery, this book will guide your management of grasslands, woodlands, wetlands, croplands, or your own backyard for the benefit of wildlife.

If you are teaching a course in Natural Resources Conservation Management or Environmental Science, this book is a natural addition to your reference library.

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