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Since 1927, Forest Trees of Illinois has been the definitive, introductory field guide for native and introduced trees of the Prairie State. The 2009 10th edition is updated and revised with new illustrations and new information, including the addition of two native tree species.

Forest Trees of Illinois is the ideal resource for naturalists, homeowners, landowners, hunters, weekend campers, students, teachers, and natural resources professionals. It provides a comprehensive overview of almost 150 native and introduced tree species that are found in Illinois.

Species are presented by common and scientific name. Descriptions include detailed information on growth form, bark, leaves, twigs, buds, flowers, fruit, wood, uses, habitat, range, and distinguishing features. Each description is illustrated with a photo of the bark, drawings of leaves, twigs, and fruit, and an Illinois range map.

Features of the 2009 edition include:

            • Waterproof cover
            • New glossary of botanical terms
            • Updated species information
            • Leaf, twig, and fruit illustrations
            • New, high-resolution bark photos
            • Updated species distribution maps
            • Index of common and scientific names
            • Dichotomous key

Forest Trees of Illinois is the ultimate field guide for outdoor enthusiasts. It’s a book every Illinoisan should have in the backpack and on the bookshelf.

C1396 Forest Trees of Illinois, $12.00


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